The 2nd Target Volume Trading Challenge will conclude on Oct. 24th.

Coinsuper has launched FANX’s trading target competition, with a reward pool of over 625k FANX tokens. The event is separated into two tranches (312.5K reward pool for each tranche). The second tranche of the event will conclude on Oct. 24th, please start participating now! The trading pairs include FANX/BTC and FANX/ETH. Winners can get upto 1,500 FANX tokens, the equivalent of 0.6ETH.

FanX (Token: FANX), as a star project on Coinsuper’s Pre-listing Subscription Program, saw its price soared by 48.5% on its first day of trading on Aug. 22nd and continued its strong performance amidst weak overall market sentiment. During the first tranche of the event, over 10,000 participants received rewards and overshot the trading target by 305%. 

Coinsuper was the first to pioneer the Pre-listing Subscription Program amongst crypto-exchanges. It is an exclusive benefit only enjoyed by CEN members (minimal 2,000 CEN lockup). The projects offered are all prominent projects introduced and invested by industry titans.

FanX was the second project to be included in Coinsuper’s Pre-listing Subscription Program. Since the initial launch of FanX 1.0, FanX users have reached over 100k. Through its core China Channel Partner Xiaohulu, FanX is able to store and analyze interaction data from over 29 live streaming platforms, 25,000,000 live broadcasting rooms, over 1,000,000 broadcasters, and 300,000,000 live streaming users. FanX, with the objective to build social media 3.0, has attracted many high caliber institutional investors such as BSG Group, Fenbushi, Blockchain Global, Blockshine, Sky 9, Hashglobal, CollinStar, amongst other.

We invite you to participate in the FANX trading target event and win the FANX reward ! Coinsuper will continue to select quality projects to provide better service to users!

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Twitter: @FanXFoundation 

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Coinsuper is committed to crafting a world-class cryptocurrency exchange to drive better participation into the financial world of digital assets. With its reliable, stable and high liquidity as well as a deep bench of industry specialists, the platform has gained a solid foothold in the ranking of 24 hour trading volume among top 20 on with over 1 million active users since its launch at the end of February in 2018. The international team of elite practitioners enjoy tested experience in the areas including financial advisory, market planning, wealth management, and on top of all, Fintech and cryptocurrency.

Coinsuper adopts SSL encryption, multi-signature crypto wallet and offline fund management, among other industry-leading technologies, to ensure the security and stability of the exchange platform. We also support Google authentication in user registration, fund management and withdrawal to safeguard customers’ assets and account information in all dimensions.